How to tell when you have a loose vagina

It might come as a surprise to most women that vaginal looseness is not an obvious thing anymore. Most of them go about life without knowing that their vaginas lost their tightness a long time ago. Since their partners are afraid of hurting their feelings, they keep it to themselves. The woman is left guessing whether she is the one with the problem.

Well, not anymore.

You are about to find out how to tell when your vagina has lost its tightness.

Urinary incontinence

jdjdd74Now this one takes the cake for the most embarrassing moments in a woman’s life. You can imagine leaving a stench of urine wherever you go. You might feel as though you want to bury your head in the sand.

Since life is too short to go about hanging your head in shame, there are viable solutions for you to adopt. Thanks to modern medicine, you can get your confidence back and gain more out of life. You can check out the myriad of vagina tightening creams online. With the help of a physician, find out the one that is safer for you to use.

Losing grip over your fingers

If, for some reason, you happen to insert your finger into your vagina and it slides, sorry to say that your vagina is loose. It is even worse if you are not able to feel the vaginal walls around your fingers. It can be so depressing if you have nothing up your sleeves to save the situation.

Once again, modern medicine has come to our rescue. Though surgery is an option for most ladies, it is not always the one you should settle for. Instead, remain positive and get all the right facts about your current situation.

Delayed orgasm

What is probably worse still is you might experience no orgasm at all. This time, your partner is not the one with the problem, you are. If your sexual escapades have always been something to look forward to but are not anymore, it’s time for you to put two and two together.

An orgasm comes about when a man and a woman reach the height of sexual pleasure together. A loose vagina is a perfect recipe for the worst sex ever. No worries, this problem has plenty of solutions for you to choose from.

Decreased sexual pleasure levels

hjdhjdd64The key factor that keeps any relationship going is good sex. You can imagine what happens when neither of the couple is satisfied when it comes to bedroom matters. It will be hard to concentrate on all other areas and be extremely productive. This is not to say that the problem cannot be solved.

Exercises are the best way to go about such problems. You can start from the ones with which you are comfortable. For instance, not everyone is comfortable with doing kegels because they are not as flexible as they were when they were young.

Remaining active in another way can open greater doors for greater opportunities. As mentioned earlier, it is good to remain positive even when you see no light at the end of the tunnel.